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I have spent my entire life in a sales and marketing roles. Having helped small to medium starts up to build into 6 and 7 figure businesses. To being part of corporations and putting my style of systems in place, but all of this was to the benefit of others. So when I leave I get nothing but thanks and a payout check. In 2005, I wanted to change all that, and so I started my own magazine, I built a 6-figure business that survived the Global Financial Crisis I closed this in December 2016 to go digital. I am a certified chatbot builder and messenger expert. I build landing pages and email automation systems and tie them all together. It was my love of creating systems and making them better that got me onto my present project. My wife is a course creator and after trying several systems I just did not find one I was comfortable with and did everything we wanted. So like I do, I went out, and I built my own. My wife loves it, and we are now getting more people on board that are also finding it easy to use and very functional with an amazing price. I am also the founder of this digital magazine mylife&Biz

About Me

I was born in Sydney, Australia, I moved to QLD and then to America and Canada before returning to Sydney and finally finding my soul partner. We married within 6 months and now have a 16-year-old son. Starting our first business together in 2005 we have worked side by side since then. We love the beach and being out on the water and enjoying life. Time seems to go by so quickly. Enjoy each moment. Because you don’t get them back again

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Lifetime success and failures

Learn from your mistakes quickly.

Give more than you recieve

Be Humble... Put your ego away

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